My work as a teacher has evolved in tandem with my therapeutic work, resulting in a teaching style that is clear, accessible and grounded in clinical practice. As a senior physiotherapist in the 1990’s I mentored students and junior staff in NHS clinical settings. I progressed to creating and delivering training programs for NHS staff across Devon as a practice educator and conflict resolution advisor, and then to lecturing and facilitating tutorials at the University of Plymouth and Peninsula Medical School.

I returned to the Karuna Institute in 2012 as an assistant tutor, and gained a great deal from working with the students and tutors there. I progressed as a teacher of biodynamics under the guidance of Franklyn Sills and many other skilled tutors, and was promoted to Senior tutor in 2017.

At this time I began to teach at post-graduate level, maintaining a full schedule of workshops in the UK and overseas alongside the foundation trainings at Karuna. I progressed further into co-ordinating and leading the professional training at Karuna, culminating in the graduation of our final cohort of new practitioners in June 2020.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic, we were forced to move the final part of our training online, and whilst this was challenging for staff and students alike, I learned a great deal about teaching and working online and I continue to offer online teaching and supervision as part of my regular work.