Babies, birth and Biodynamics: Working with babies and their families Level 2

 LEVEL 2: (*Advanced Seminar for those who have already completed Level 1*)

In the second seminar of this two-part series, we continue to explore how to provide a safe, supportive holding field for mothers, babies and new families, as well as engaging in practical approaches and table work.  Some personal process work will also be included to enhance your ability to perceive and be present with birth process arising for babies and their mothers.

This seminar will include more specific attention to birth-related developmental challenges for the father or partner of the birthing parent.  We will look more in-depth at potential traumas and developmental changes for baby, mother and the new family as a whole and how to support these within a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy context.  Special topics will include adoption, multiple births and previous loss like miscarriage or still birth, as well as IVF and other assisted fertility issues.

This seminar is intended for those who have completed Level 1. Further details and application form: