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Craniosacral therapy evolved from osteopathic work, a gentle hands-on holistic body therapy. The biodynamic model emphasises the body’s inherent ability to heal itself given the correct conditions and does not advocate the use of any external force, making it extremely safe, gentle and non-invasive.

The original blueprint or energetic matrix of our mind-body system (they are not separate) is an organised condensation of potency – vitality or lifeforce energy –  which gives rise to our particular physical structure. Potency is the intelligent life-force which organises our structure, protects us from the impacts we meet in life and acts as our ‘inner physician’.  It has been described as a kind of ‘liquid light’ or fluid within the fluids.

Our physical/energetic structure is continually being impacted by the forces of life – our life experiences and conditions – and making compensations to hold these impacts in the best possible way as a whole. Thus any deviations from the original blueprint are actually expressions of our health at work. This is a paradigm shift from the view that there is an ‘ideal’  structure which we need to maintain & restore. Our human system is always maintaining the best state of homeostasis that it can given the conditions which are present.

The vitality available to us may, however, be severely depleted if much of it is working to contain and centre these conditional forces – e.g toxins, pathogens, emotional and physical impacts.   Our system becomes more dense and inertial, less fluidic and we may experience symptoms of fatigue, depression, physical pain and malaise.

Under the right conditions, the potency may come out of its protective function and begin to express a healing function, whereby the conditional forces are dissipated back to the environment and a new homeostatic balance is achieved. The life-force energy which has previously been bound up is liberated back into the whole available pool, and the person may feel lighter, more at ease and more alive.