Craniosacral therapy can be of tremendous benefit to babies and children and set them on the road to a healthy and fulfilling future. 
Babies & small children respond particularly well to this non-verbal language

The experience of birth is usually the first great challenge to our physical body, and although the baby’s body is designed to safely negotiate this journey, the immense forces at work during the birthing process may create distortions in the baby’s skull and put strain on soft tissue, blood vessels and nerves. A baby may also become emotionally distressed during birth, as indeed may the parents. Many impacts can be made which may create sleeping and feeding difficulties, colic, restlessness and behavioural struggles. I have found that this work supports and enhances well-being at the very deepest level, and is effective in alleviating such difficulties in a gentle,safe and non-invasive way.

BCST is a safe and gentle choice to support health throughout childhood, particularly at times of change or challenge. BCST works in a complementary way alongside medical care and/or other complementary health modalities such as homeopathy to promote optimal health in mind and body.