Mum and BabyChildbirth is a unique transition for the whole family, bringing many changes which are both awesome and extremely stressful. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a safe and gentle choice to support you through your pregnancy and prepare for the birth of your baby. Some women sail through their pregnancy, whilst for others it can be more challenging. Whatever your experience, BCST can help in many ways. BCST helps to relieve minor ailments, such as back pain, settles the nervous and hormonal systems, supports your body’s changing physiology and provides time for quiet reflection, deep relaxation and bonding with the baby growing inside you.


Postnatally, much attention is focused on the baby – and indeed BCST can help to alleviate many common difficulties such as colic, sleeping and feeding difficulties (see ‘Babies & Children’). A woman’s body, though designed to give birth, can also be severely impacted and BCST can help address problems of pain, PSD (pubic symphysis dysfunction), stress incontinence and tissue repair.

I can also work with other members of the family to assist each person to be resourced and nourished, to resolve stress and trauma and to help you to settle into your new constellation.