The Long Tide: Transmutation and Ignition Processes

Topics will include:

Review of Long Tide and the Primal Midline
Ignition processes as the ‘Ignition of Being’

Orientation to Umbilical/Birth Ignition

The empowerment of Being
A return to wholeness - realizing original health
Umbilical ignition processes and clinical skills


Orientation to Heart Ignition

Working with the heart and heart-centred history
Embryological heart folding and heart-centredness
Heart ignition and the embodiment of being
Augmentation via Long Tide awareness and Dynamic Stillness

Conception and the Ignition of the Ordering Matrix

The field of Incarnation and the ground of Being
Augmentation process via Long Tide awareness and conception spiral
Ignition of the Quantum Midline;The incandescent core of being

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